Princeton and Dorcas Waters

GBBI Missionaries to Africa.

Princeton was born on December 24, 1978. He speaks English, Pidgin English, Hausa, Tiv and a little Twi. His ministry involvement includes: Preaching and Teaching, General Evangelism, Muslim Evangelism, Scripture Engagements and Translation.

Dorcas was born on October 2, 1980. She speaks English. Pidgin and Tiv fluently. 

Ministry Focus

Our main focus of our ministry is to educate people by studying the Bible, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).

Muslim Ministry

We believe that Jesus wants to be the Muslims’ Savior.  Based on this conviction we are offering ourselves to God as messengers to Muslim people and have a strong passion for ministry to the Muslims in Nigeria and to what is generally called Africa’s Islamic Rim. Every person residing on Africa’s Islamic Rim is made in the image of God. People from Af­rica’s Islamic Rim need to be introduced to Jesus Christ, the Savior of all. They need to hear the good news that by simple faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ upon the cross, His Death, Burial and Resurrection for their sins will be forgiven and a future life in heaven guaranteed. Muslims live in every country of Africa. More than 50 people groups in this area, having a combined popula­tion exceeding 100 million.


Africa’s Islamic Rim is comprised of Islamic people groups whose homeland touches the continent’s coastline from Sierra Leone on the west, up and across the north, then down the east coast to Mozambique.

Children’s Ministry: We would like to open a Christian Children Centre where we can have motherless, and vulnerable children and brought them up in God’s Word and treat them with the love of Christ. They will have a place called home, this is one of our ways in sharing the Gospel.

Family Ministry: helping families to know and live according to God’s purpose in their lives.

Needs and Prayers

  • I will clearly and faithfully preach Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery
  • Vehicle for mobility
  • Land for Office Building/Children Home
  • Pray for Muslims in Nigeria all over the world; that they would see and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour
  • Pray against Muslims terrorism in Nigeria
  • Pray especially for the salvation of Muslim leaders and clerics
  • Pray for protection of Aisha Ganger and other Muslim background believers, as she and I continue evangelizing other Muslim and holding meetings in dangerous areas.